2021-22 Season


Same seven teams, just like a year before:
MBA in men’s SuperLeague and women’s Premier League
MBA-2 in men’s VTB United Youth League and women’s SuperLeague
MBA-YUBL in men’s and women’s U18 leagues
MBA 3x3 in women’s tournaments

MBA Women — 3rd in Premier League, Russian Cup, Euroleague

Euroleague debut was the pillar of the season. MBA was the only team with 100 percent local roster. 

First Euroleague win came on Gameday 4, 65-62 against KSC Szekszárd.

Four wins in the regular season appeared to be insufficient for playoff qualification, but good enough for a top European competition debut.

Throughout the Russian Premier League season, MBA held their positions in the top four.

On March 13, 2022, came first-ever MBA’s win over UMMC Ekaterinburg.

Another historical game happened on January 16, 2022. On that day, MBA’s main team roster included seven players who went up through all the club system from U18 league. MBA snatched the W from Dynamo Novosibirsk by team captain Anna Leshkovtseva.

As a result, MBA finished the regular season 3rd, like a year ago.

In the First Round MBA beat Dynamo Novosibirsk handily, and went 1-2 in the Semifinals against Dynamo Kursk.

For the second year in a row, MBA faced Nika Syktyvkar in the bronze series. This is neither a movie nor a fairytale, but after being down 0-2 in best-of-5 series, our girls overturned the series and won three straight. Second bronze in two years!

MBA Men — 9th in SuperLeague

Best start ever for this team: 5-2 in SuperLeague plus Cup win against Barnaul on aggregate.

Unlucky enough, next Cup stage was the last, as two-legged matchup vs Novosibirsk was decided by one shot.

By the end of regular season MBA fell out of the playoff zone and finished 9th.

MBA-2 Women — 4th in SuperLeague

MBA-2 went sixth in the regular season, and yet again climbed higher in the playoffs. Two road wins over Vologda-Chevakata (2-1) secured the place in top four.

MBA-2 Men in Youth VTB League

Not only had our team won the regular season, it’s been awarded to host the Final Eight.

Nice 84-48 win over Parma-M in quarterfinal appeared to be the last. Later the team was short of win against Zenit-M, and had the narrowest miss at bronze with a loss to Khimki-2, 55-57. Though one win away from podium, MBA-2 still had an impressive season and stepped up from last year. 

U18 Women — National Champions

After super confident first group stage, the reigning champions moved on to some losses. Those included two to Sparta&K, who stayed undefeated.

Moscow and Vidnoye teams met again — in the Final Eight, to decide who would win a spot in the championship game.

In the semifinal, MBA delivered the biggest upset of the tournament — 83-78. And then, for the second time in a row, beat UOR-3 for the championship.

MBA became the fifth team in DYUBL history to defend the title.

MBA U18 Men in YUBL

Under new coach Alexey Savkov, the junior team reached the championship game for the first time in history, beating Lokomotiv-Kuban in the semifinals. Zenit-M eventually earned the golden honours.

3x3 Women

For starters, Anastasia Shchekoldina, Maria Sokolova, Svetlana Rozanova and Sofya Kuzilova won the U18 Russian Championship.

Then they went on for 6th place in Russian Cup.

In the national championship, the girls only played one weekend (two stops) — 5th and 3rd place.