Vasiliy Karasev chose following starting five: Daniil Kasatkin, Makar Konovalov, Ilya Platonov, Andrey Lopatin and Vladislav Sharapov. 

First 7 MBA's points scored one player — Daniil Kasatkin. Our team started little bit better, but CSKA returned the leadership with 3 points shots - three in a row, one of those with the foul. Anyway, first quarter teams finished almost equally, 25:24 to CSKA.

CSKA pushed the pace and forced MBA to make a lot of mistakes on both sides of the court. Furthermore, home team still had perfect 3 points shots accuracy - 10 from 17 before the halftime and 57:42 on the scoreboard.

In the beginning of the second half CSKA calmed down, and Emil Rajkovic asked for timeout. After that red-blues scored 8 points in a row. CSKA had a lot of open shots and used most of them.

Despite big advantage, CSKA didn't stop till the end of the game. MBA tried to win at least one quarter, but opponent gave no chance to do it. The final result - 110:78 to CSKA.

Andrey Lopatin (16 points), Alexander Khomenko (11 points, 3 assists), Ilya Platonov(9 points), Daniil Kasatkin (9 очков), Timofey Yakushin (8 points, 3 assists), Evgeniy Voronov (8 points, 4 rebounds), Anton Pushkov (8 points, 5 rebounds), Evgeniy Valiev (4 points, 4 rebounds), Makar Konovalov (3 points, 5 assists), Vladislav Sharapov (2 points), Sergey Kliuev, Vladislav Odinokov.