The teams started so intensive although both coaches didn't make any changes in the first five minutes. MBA showed that it's the best team in the league in 3-points shors accuracy and scored 6 from 7 in 10 minutes. Most of them were made by Platonov (3 from 4). The home team scored from the paint a lot. The first quarter ended with MBA advantage, 24:22.

Joel James performed so good - he almost made double-double before the halftime (12 points and 7 rebounds). Largely due to his actions «PARMA-PARI» leaded after the first half - 38:35.

MBA had not such a good start of the 3rd quarter - Moscow team didn't score field points for 4 minutes, and «PARMA-PARI» increased its leadership to «+9». It's ooked like Vasiliy Karasev should ask for timeout, but it didn't happened - the team managed itself. Timofey Yakushin scored 3pt shot with the buzzer and visitors came so close - 60:59.

Unfortunately, the start of the last quarter was similar to the third one - MBA couldn't score for more than 3 minutes. Furthermore, Makar Konovalov was injured after Justin Roberson's foul. MBA hadn't enough power to equalise the game again, and «PARMA-PARI» won, 78:70.

Vasiliy Karasev:
— Our biggest problem is number of rebounds. «PARMA-PARI» made more offensive rebounds than we in the sum. 29 rebounds is 29 additional possessions. We hadn't fast breaks and didn't look so good in offensive.

Andrey Lopatin (14 points, 3 steals), Timofey Yakushin (13 points), Alexander Khomenko (13 points, 4 assists), Ilya Platonov (13 points), Evgeniy Voronov (7 points, 3 подбора, 3 assists), Vladislav Sharapov (4 points), Daniil Kasatkin (3 points), Makar Konovalov (2 points), Evgeniy Valiev (1 point, 6 rebounds), Anton Pushkov, Gleb Goldyrev, Sergey Kliuev.