No loss
UNICS started the season in the same way like CSKA - 5 wins in a row. Kazan team has little bit worse «+/-» index.

Offensive baskettball
UNICS and MBA have the second and the third places by scored points in the league. MBA also continues to be a leader in 3-points shots accuracy - 45%.

New roster
UNICS signed 11 new players this summer: Louis Labeyrie, Nenad Dinitrijevic, Anthony Brown, Vince Hunter, Daryl Macon, Jalen Reynolds, Stanislav Ilnitskiy, Mikhail Kulagin, Alexander Razumov, Maxim Tkachenko and Artem Zabelin. Mario Hezonja - the leader and the star of last season - moved to «Real Madrid»

Well known persons
Evgeniy Valiev played in UNICS last season. Evgeniy Voronov also spent 2 seasons in Kazan - 2008/09 and 2016/17. Vasiliy Karasev and Jalen Reynolds were in Zenit in the season 2018/19. 

The quote
Vasiliy Karasev: «UNICS shows good basteball, they have Euroleague level's players on every position. The game will be difficult, but it's good for us. All depends on our agression. We have to solve problem with rebounds, that was critical in Perm».