Both teams start the game with high speed and go so close to each other, but after Pushkov's unsportsmanlike foul UNICS gets little advantage. Yakushin had a chance to equalise, but missed the shot - 22:19 to visitors.

UNICS made 13-0 run in the beginning of the second quarter. At this moment the game had a chance to turn to CSKA - MBA scenario, but our team didn't let UNICS to increase the leadership. Due to a number of good gefences and fast breaks MBA came closer - 45:38.

After the break teams scored one by one a lot. MBA made what some teams couldn't this season - start the 4th quarter with a chances to win the game: UNICS leads only 3 points, 67:64.

Unfortunately, our team was not able to reach more this evening. UNICS made one more run by a couple of Jalen Reynolds shots. American center scored in different ways: 3 points shots, dunks, mid range shots. He scored 30 points and helped visitors win - 97:81.

Vasiliy Karasev:
— We have mentality progress for sure. We still have a lot to do, but also I see that something goes the rihgt way. We were on CSKA level during only one quarter, tonight we struggle for 31 minutes, but after that UNICS got advantage. Everyone who take a part in the game helps us. Next step is to hold the tempo of top level teams for all the match.

Vladislav Odinokov (15 points), Daniil Kasatkin (14 points, 3 assists), Evgeniy Valiev (9 points, 4 rebounds), Anton Puskov (8 points, 3 rebounds), Aleksander Khomenko (8 points, 3 rebounds, 6 assists), Timofey Yakushin (7 points, 4 rebounds), Andrey Lopatin (7 points, 4 assists), Sergey Kliuev (6 points, 3 rebounds), Daniil Kochergin (4 points), Ilya Platonov (3 points, 3 rebounds), Gleb Goldyrev, Nikita Remizov.