The debut happened in the beginnig of the game - Maxim Savchenko started the match in starting five. Our team was better, scored 20 points in 20 points, but "PARMA-PARI" almost equalise before the end of the quarter. 

In the second 10 minutes MBA increased the difference - it was "+15" maximum. Evgeniy Voronov was the leader like in the last game in St Petersburg - our captain and Andrey Lopatin scored 28 points together in the first half. 

After the halftime Perm team tried to short the gap, but it didn't become less than 12 points. In the third quarter Alexander Khomenko got an injury and couldn't finish the game. 

The pursuit of "PARMA-PARI" continued in the last 10 minutes, but guests lost Roberson and Dime with 5 fouls. Daniil Kasatkin scored 3 3-points shots in 1 minute and the difference became comfortable for MBA again. Final scoer - 102:87