Our team came to the warm-up in T-Shirts with the foto and the number of Alexander Khomenko - MBA's point guard was injured in the last game vs "PARMA-PARI"

MBA was more confident in the beginning of the game and got double advantage, 18:9. But "Samara" answered with 10-0 run. In the second quarter away team was better - MBA made 14 turnovers in the first half, "Samara" won this period - 35:40. 

After the halftime MBA started to close the gap and made it so fast with 9-0 run. The biggest lead was "+11". In the last ten minutes our team made all to "dry" the game and was successful in it - the quarter ended with 8:8 score. 71:60 - the 9th victory of MBA in the season.

Timofey Yakushin (13 points, 4 assists), Evgeniy Voronov (12 points), Ilya Platonov (10 points, 4 rebounds), Adrey Lopatin (9 points, 9 rebounds), Daniil Kasatkin (9 points, 5 rebounds), Evgeniy Valiev (8 points, 6 rebounds), Anton Pushkov (3 points), Gleb Goldyrev (3 points), Vladislav Odinokov (2 points), Maksim Savchenko (2 points), Egor Pokinko, Vladislav Sharapov.