CSKA took advantage in the beginning, but MBA answered with 10-2 run. Last points of the first quarter was scored by Mark Tikhonenko, which came back after injury. In the second 10 minutes our team continued the sprint and took the leadership. MBA scored a lot of long rage shots - for example, Daniil Kasatkin made 4 three-points shot in 127 seconds. First half ended with 48:46 to MBA. 

After the break CSKA took back the advantage with 12 points in 2 minutes. MBA made a lot of unprepared shots, so opponent had many chances for fast breaks after misses. In the last quarter teams scored one by one, and the sitution didn't change drastically. MBA couldn't stop the leader and CSKA won 18th game in a row from the start of the season. Final score - 75:92.