Home team was much better in the beginning - 17:4 run allowed "Enisey" to take advantage and keep the diference for the long time. Angelo Warner was the most active player on the court. MBA intercepted the initiative in the second quarter, gradually closed the gap. The score was equal after 20 minutes of the game, 36:36.

MBA took the leadership in the second half for the first time. Our team was so agressive, forcing "Enisey" to commit fouls. The teams got ahead one by one in the 3rd quarter, the last 10 minutes started with "+1" to MBA. In the 4th quarter the game ran in the same way, and the winner wasn't determined in 40 minutes. The most important moments was in the final possessions - Andrey Lopatin missed 3-points shot and "Enisey" brouught the game to the win - 85:80.