The beginning of the game was successful for "Zenit" and Sergey Karasev personally - he scored the first 12 points of his team. The first quarter finished with "+4" to away team - 23:19. In the second 10 minutes "Zenit's" advantage was bigger - sometimes it increased to 20 points. It was so difficult for MBA to keep pace.

The situation fully changed in the second half. And if the 3rd quarter was almost equal, the 4th was absolutely ander MBA control. 19-2 run gave the advantage to our team. 40 minutes wasn't enough to reveal the winner. In the beginning of the overtime "Zenit" got "+5", but MBA tied the game again. The key moment of the game - Timofey Yakushin's 3 points shot. MBA won back "-20" difference and got victory - 76:75.