MBA reached the play-offs in the debut season of VTB United League. The opponent of our team in the quarterfinal was "Zenit" - the champion of the last tournament. 

First two games were held in St Petersburg. In the first one Moscow team had "-14" 8 minutes before the end of the last quarter, but after that red-whites made 18-0 run and won the game in the clutch - 65:61.

The second and the third games were almost the same: tough first quarters and big advantage of "Zenit" in the second period. After the loss, the champion didn't allow the same mistakes and continued to push till the end. The second home game for Zenit ended with the score 87:60, the first Moscow game - 86:61. 

The fourth game of the quarterfinal started with MBA's advantage. Our team was better in the first 10 minutes, made "+6", but didn't save the gap - "Zenit" equalized the game before the end of the period and won the second quarter. After the break the game was fully under guests control - Zenit won 99:70 and advanced to the semifinals - 3:1.