The Volga team started the match more actively - Justin Roberson from the first seconds began to confirm the status of Samara's best sniper and scored six points in a row, single-handedly making a breakthrough for the guests. It took MBA more than three minutes to hit the opponent’s hoop for the first time, after which things went a little better in the Muscovites’ attack.

In the second ten minutes, the red and white were able to take the lead, but there was no need to talk about a serious advantage. Unlike Samara, MBA did not have a clear leader in the attack. Our guys could have finished the first half with a minimal advantage, but Samara had the last word - 38:37 in favor of the guests.

After a long break, the Volga team organized a 12-3 spurt and brought the difference to double digits, albeit not for long. MBA gave chase and won back most of the gap, but the guests again took the end of the period. Vasily Karasev was so dissatisfied with the actions of his team that, with an interval of 59 seconds, he used two timeouts at once.

In the final quarter, Samara's lead again returned to the double-digit mark, and at the equator of the period it reached its maximum for the evening - 14 points. Our team tried to win back, but the guests didn’t give us a chance for a comeback. MBA loses with a score of 69:79 - this is the third defeat in head-to-head matches of the current season.