After an equal start, MBA seized the initiative, made a 13-2 spurt and briefly gained a three-fold advantage, 18:6. “Avtodor” gathered closer to the end of the first ten minutes, responded with its sprint and went on a two-minute break with only “-4”.

In the second quarter, the Muscovites' problems in attack continued: the red-white "drought" lasted almost four minutes. The Volga team took advantage of the situation and already ran ahead by 10 points. MBA gave chase and cut the gap by more than half, but by the end of the first half the guests had almost regained theirs - 41:32.

After a long break, the difference grew to close to the critical “-14”. The new pursuit of the Muscovites was led by Daniil Kasatkin: the defender scored 9 points in a row and returned our team to the game. But as soon as Daniil sat down to rest, Avtodor began to regain what they had lost and restored their double-digit advantage.

In the final quarter, the Saratov team renewed their maximum: first they increased their advantage to “+16”, and by the end of the meeting they added another five points. The trend continues - in the confrontation between MBA and Avtodor this season, the teams win exclusively on the road. The final score is 63:84.