Runa players were more active in the first minutes. The guests created a small reserve for themselves and stayed at a distance of five to seven points for most of the opening quarter, but MBA did not allow them to run too far - at the first break the Vikings left with only “+1”.

In the second ten minutes the initiative passed to the red and white. Vladislav Trushkin and Andrey Lopatin helped our team take the lead, and the rest of the guys supported the initiative of their partners - MBA came into the locker room with a 7-point handicap.

After the break, the difference quickly became double-digit. Long-range artillery played a significant role in this: by the end of half an hour of the game, the red and white were shooting from beyond the arc with a percentage of more than 50, and Evgeniy Voronov had converted all three of his threes.

In the final quarter, the Vikings continued their pursuit and reduced the gap to “-6” in the distance, but MBA immediately responded with a breakthrough performed by Vlad Trushkin - nine unanswered points from the forward and “+15” on the scoreboard two minutes before the siren. “Runa” tried to return to the game again, but was unable to do so. The final score is 89:77.