The start of the meeting definitely couldn’t be called productive: the teams’ defense clearly outperformed the attack, and it was very difficult for both of them to score points. By the end of the ten minutes, the opponents had scored only 22 points between them, dividing them equally. The MBA was led by Evgeniy Voronov, who scored 8 out of 11 points.

In four minutes of the second game period, the Volga team scored more than in the entire first, but MBA’s problem has not gone away. The result is a 12-0 spurt and a double advantage for the guests. The red-and-whites rushed to come back, cut the gap by more than half, but Pari NN had the last word in the first half: Andrei Vorontsevich scored with a foul and sent the Nizhny Novgorod team to the locker room at “+7”.

After a long break, MBA had 80 seconds to level the score, and after another minute and a half, Andrei Lopatin’s “three” brought our guys ahead, and a little later they ran away by seven points. In ten minutes, the red and white scored more than in the entire first half, but Paris NN was not going to give up - along with the siren at the end of the third quarter, Ivan Strebkov brought the guests within one hit.

At the start of the final ten minutes, the Volga team were left without two players at once: first, Dmitry Khvostov was injured in the clash, and a little later, Alexander Chadov was sent to the bench for the fifth foul. MBA took advantage of the situation and pulled away again, but this time the guests evened out the situation. As soon as only 1 point remained from the advantage, the Muscovites rushed into a new spurt and brought the advantage to the maximum for the game - “+11”. The next chase of the Nizhny Novgorod team was led by Andrey Vorontsevich with eight points in a row - “-3” and forced intervention from Vasily Karsev a minute before the end. Our guys didn’t give us a chance to even the score again. The final score is 77:70.