At the start of the meeting, the teams exchanged effective attacks and did not let each other go. Makar Konovalov was the soloist for MBA in the first minutes, scoring 8 out of 10 points for the red-whites. With an equal game, the Muscovites had a minimal advantage and finished the starting period with “+2”.

In the second ten minutes, the advantage passed to Samara - as soon as the Volga team took the lead, the MBA bench took a time out and shook up our guys a little. For some time, the hosts maintained the lead, but then the red and white equalized the score, and thanks to three consecutive long-range hits, they ran 9 points ahead. It was not possible to consolidate the success - until the end of the quarter, Samara reduced the gap with two attacks - 37:41.

After a long break, MBA shifted into high gear, quickly brought its lead to double digits, and during the third ten minutes, it even ran away by 16 points. True, after that the red and white stopped scoring, and the hosts were able to return to the game and by the end of the period they had made up most of the difference.

The chase continued in the final quarter: as soon as one long-range hit remained between the teams, Vasily Karasev took a minute break - his third in the half. The time-out didn’t help: almost immediately after it, the Volga team took the lead for the first time in a long time. The leadership did not last long, but IBA’s advantage no longer became comfortable. Everything was decided in the end: with “+2” a few seconds before the siren, Vladislav Trushkin blocked Justin Roberson, and Andrei Lopatin missed from the free throw line. The final score is 73:69 in favor of the Muscovites.