At the start of the meeting, the hosts had a minimal advantage - in the middle of the first quarter, Jeremiah Hill went to hit from above, but hit the choke, and "Runa" with two counter attacks instead of "+7" received an equal score, which lasted until the end of the segment.

In the second ten minutes, the initiative gradually began to pass to MBA: thanks to an 8-0 spurt, the red and white ran ahead by 7 points, but our guys were unable to consolidate their success. A minute and a half before the end of the half, Danila Pokhodyaev’s long-range hit again brought the Vikings ahead. “Runa” could have gone to the locker room at “+5”, but the last word remained with Maxim Barashkov, and the teams went to rest with the score 42:40 in favor of the hosts.

After a long break, the opponents turned their defense to maximum, scoring four points between the two of them in four minutes. “Runa” maintained the lead, but closer to the end of half an hour of play, the red and white again seized the advantage - Evgeniy Voronov brought MBA ahead, and Andrey Lopatin and Vladislav Trushkin increased the handicap to “+6”.

At the beginning of the fourth ten-minute period, the difference became double-digit for the first time, but almost immediately “Runa” made up most of the gap, getting closer to within one shot, and a little later restored the balance on the scoreboard. The Vikings were even able to take the lead, but it didn’t last long. The teams started the last minute at “+4” in favor of MBA, and the leader did not change again. The final score is 82:75.