The teams started the match very effectively, completing their attacks with effective shots over and over again. At the same time, there was no need to talk about a serious advantage in favor of one of the parties: the maximum difference in the first quarter was four points, and the starting period ended with “+3” in favor of MBA.

The visitors started the second ten minutes a little better. Markell Johnson took over the sniper duties: the American scored 18 points for his team in the first half. Despite Johnson’s efforts, our guys went into the locker room already at “+7” thanks to two consecutive hits from behind the arc by Maxim Barashkov.

Three minutes after the long break, the difference became double-digit for the first time, but Astana quickly halved the distance and no longer allowed MBA to gain a new lead. In the final ten minutes, the Kazakh team took the lead after a long-range hit by Carvel Anderson, but in the next attack, which, however, happened after the timeout, Vladislav Trushkin answered with his own three.

The last minute of the meeting began at “+2” in favor of the Muscovites and our possession, which was marked by the same Trushkin with another long-range shot - Vlad had 20 points that evening and the title of the best sniper of the red and white. Despite all the efforts of the guests, Fotis Takianos’ team was no longer able to catch up with MBA. The final score is 83:77.