Women’s First Team

2x Russian Premier League bronze medalist – 2020-21, 2021-22

Russian Cup runner-up – 2017-18

Russian Cup 3rd place – 2020-21


Men’s First Team

Higher League silver medalist – 2013-14


Women’s Second Team

SuperLeague Division I silver medalist – 2015-16

SuperLeague Division I bronze medalist – 2016-17


Men’s Junior Team

2x U18 Russian League silver medalist — 2019-20, 2021-22

U18 Russian League bronze medalist — 2018-19


Women’s Junior Team

3x U18 Russian League champion — 2017-18, 2020-21, 2021-22

U18 Russian League silver medalist — 2015-16

2x U18 Russian League bronze medalist — 2013-14, 2014-15


3x3 Women’s Team

Russian Champion – 2018-19

Russian Cup Winner – 2020

Moscow Champion — 2022

U18 Russian Champion – 2021

U18 Russian Championship silver medalist – 2019

U19 Moscow Champion – 2022

How It Started

Moscow Basketball Association Professional Basketball Club MBA (PBC MBA) was established by the Moscow Basketball Federation on May 17, 2013.

The new club became the successor for the Molodyozhnaya Basketbolnaya Assotsiatsiya club (Youth Basketball Association, or MBA) which debuted in 2011-12 season and finished fifth in the DYUBL Youth League (U18 national championship). Next season the club played professionally the Women’s Higher League (reached Final Four) and in the DYUBL (won silver medals).

Season 2013/14

Season 2013/14

In their first Pro season, PBC MBA was represented by four teams:

Main Women's Team 2цat Russian SuperLeague 

U18 Women — in DYUBL (Russian U18 league)

Main Men's Team at High League 

U18 Men — in DYUBL

MBA Women — 6th place in Russian SuperLeague (2nd tier of Russian championship)

For the inaugural season in professional basketball, MBA women’s team entered the Superleague — sub-elite division of Russian championship. The expectations, humble at the time, were met — the team finished 8th in Regular Season and 6th overall after Classification Games.

Junior Women — 3rd place in DYUBL (U18 Russian league)

Unlike the senior team, under-18 females with the club were of the Russia’s best. In the DYUBL, junior national championship, MBA had marched through all preliminary stages undefeated and was in good position to win it all. The golden dream unfortunately didn’t come true at season one: injury-weakened team gave their best and reached bronze medals.

MBA Men — promoted from Higher league (3rd tier) to SuperLeague (2nd tier)

The men’s team became MBA’s primary renovation in the 2013 offseason. Though Higher League was chosen as a takeoff ground, the roster left room for SuperLeague ambitions — which was exactly the season objective. MBA won their division and entered the league Finals. Despite the loss in the championship series, the team earned the promotion to SuperLeague, second-best league of Russian basketball.

Junior Men — 4th place in A1 (U18 Russian league)

The team was only born in October, more to test themselves against top opponents at national level. But MBA Junior didn’t hesitate to prove quality of Moscow basketball schools and earned a prestigious spot in the Final Four.


2014-15 Season

2014-15 Season

Second season as professional club saw more growth. MBA has partnered with other Moscow clubs, Runa (men) and Dynamo (women) to field seven teams at different levels.

MBA Men — in SuperLeague (D-2)
MBA Women — in SuperLeague (D-2)
MBA-Runa — in Higher League (D-3)
MBA-Dynamo-2 — in Russian youth club championship
MBA U18 Men in DYUBL
MBA U18 Women in DYUBLMBA-Dynamo Women in DYUBL

MBA Men — 16th in SuperLeague (D-2)

A challenging SuperLeague debut saw Head Coach replacement and 15th place in Regular Season (of 16 teams). Scarce four wins, though, included upsets of two of eventual top-three teams, Spartak Primorie (2nd) and Dynamo Moscow (3rd). The postseason, again, was injury-marred, but presented an opportunity for young players to shine. Pavel Afanasiev (second team) and Andrey Sopin (U18) made their debuts on the senior stage - and eventually became prominent franchise players. MBA finished last in Classification games 9-16.

In the Russian Cup, MBA stopped at 1/8 final, surpassed by Irkut on two-game aggregate.

MBA Women — 5th in SuperLeague (D-2)

In the Russian Cup, women’s team fell one point short of reaching the playoffs, performing without three players.

The SuperLeague season went pretty colorful. Even missing injured Ekaterina Safonova in a number of games, MBA jumped up three positions and finished fifth.

Ekaterina Sytnyak’s injury lately in the Regular Season affected the Playoffs. MBA was 3-0 in the season series against Voronezh, but fell 0-2 in the First Round. Then our ladies won the classification tournament and earned 5th overall place.

MBA-Runa — 16th in Higher League (D-3)

This team was mostly composed of youngsters, with partial involvement of main team players seeking for court time, and some U18 guys who received valuable experience playing against adults. The result was 16th place — coming with lots of experience.

MBA-Dynamo-2 youth team — 10th in youth national championship

The youth team has fulfilled the main task it was charged with — to give the girls experience and room to progress. Apart from the result, there were many bright moments. For instance, the eventual champion, Sparta&K-2, had to go to overtime with MBA-Dynamo-2 to get a win in Moscow.

U18 Men — 6th in DYUBL

In the national junior championship, our guys had their finest moments, beating rivals CSKA Moscow and Khimki along the way to Final Stage. That’s where came their first win over Zenit St. Petersburg, but MBA fell short of the Final Four, stopped by the breakthrough team of Parma Perm. Still, being sixth in Russia felt nice.

U18 Women — 5th in DYUBL (Russian U18 league)

One of the youngest teams in the tournament. Formally U18 though, it was composed mostly of 16- and even two 15-year-olds. Nonetheless, the girls put up a good fight against strongly favoured Dynamo Kursk, and then seized the Top 8 berth from UOR-4 (Gomelsky Olympic Reserve School). MBA finished the DYUBL season fifth — just outside Final Four.

MBA-Dynamo Youth team — 3rd in DYUBL (Russian U18 league)

Yet another U18 team had a great DYUBL tournament despite having tough groups at all stages. MBA-Dynamo have made a strong case on their way to the Final Stage (top 8) and then to the Semifinal. Only overtime, lost to Sparta&K, stopped them from playing in the Championship Game. But the team still fought its way to the medals, beating UMMC in the Third-Place Game.


2015-16 Season

2015-16 Season

In its third season, the club was represented by six teams:

MBA Men — in SuperLeague I
MBA Women — in Premier League
MBA-2 Women— in Russian SuperLeague 
MBA-1 and MBA-2 in YUBL

MBA U18 Women — 2nd in DYUBL

MBA Women — 5th in Premier League

Upon the extension of Premier League, MBA women’s team joined the elite division of Russian women’s basketball.

Even with the necessary upgrade, the club felt right to stick with its ideology, thus keeping Moscow basketball schools alumni as the core. To be competitive on the new level, two ‘foreign’ (in MBA philosophy that means ‘from outer Russia’) players, Maria Toropova and Maria Kaitukova.

Premier League was uncharted territory: no one, even the players themselves, didn’t know what to expect of them. After rough testing from UMMC and Nadezhda powerhouses, MBA gained their first Premier League wins soon enough, beating Dynamo Novosibirsk on the road and Dynamo Moscow at home court. 11 wins in 22 regular season games by MBA became a new Premier League record for newcomers. The team earned a playoff spot early, and then put up a good fight in the quarterfinals against Nadezhda, the recent EuroLeague Women runner-up. The postseason didn’t end there — 5th-8th place classification series were to decide EuroCup Women allocations. MBA beat Enisey 2-1, taking the crucial away game in Krasnoyarsk. Then, in the 5th-6th place series, MBA beat Dynamo Novosibirsk 2-1 despite losing Game 1. That’s how a new Premier League team reached European level on the very first elite season.

MBA Men — 9th in SuperLeague IMen's team started the season roughly, being eliminated from the Russian Cup at group stage and waiting for their first championship win till December. After that MBA performed much better result-wise, got their first-ever win streak in the SuperLeague (Temp-SUMZ-UMMC and Ural Ekaterinburg). And stopped at one shot from beating the season’s best team Sakhalin. The team stayed long in the playoff run, but was dragged down by the clumsy start. Nonetheless, our guys proved themselves competitive in the classification tournament, beating all three opponents and reaching 9th place overall. A huge step up compared to the previous season.

MBA-2 Women — in SuperLeague

While in previous seasons SuperLeague Women was home for MBA’s first team, now the second team took the hot seat. Our young roster was composed mostly of just-graduates, with help from SuperLegaue-experienced Anastasia Gavrilova. MBA-2 reached 5th place in the regular season, but went even higher in the playoffs, beating Voronezh-SKIF in Round of 8 and then Stavropolchanka-SKFU in the Semifinals. The best-of-3 Finals took all three games. Our girls came out with silver medals, while well-seasoned Dynamo-Farm Kursk took the title.

MBA-1 and MBA-2 — 7th and 18th in DYUBLLike women in 2013-14 season, MBA fielded not one but two teams for the U18 championship. The main roster could be competitive at high national level, while the second team, mainly 16-year-olds, had their first season in DYUBL.

MBA-1 had a rollercoaster ride to the Final Round (Top 8). The most remarkable was the Semifinal Round, where the guys kept coming back from being down and winning seemingly unwindable games. The Final Round in Saratov was not the best moment, where the only win came in 7th place game.

MBA-2 looked relatively well even matching opponents who were mostly two years older. The result was 18th place out of 32 teams and lots of important experience.


MBA U18 Women — 2nd in DYUBL

The U18 women’s team already had a good medal-mining tradition. After two straight bronzes something higher could be expected — and indeed was delivered. Our girls broke the enchanted barrier of semifinal by beating Dynamo Moscow and came out with silver medals.


2016-17 Season

2016-17 Season

It was MBA’s fourth professional season. The club was represented by five teams:

Women's first team — in Premier League
Men’s first team — in SuperLeague
Women’s second team — in SuperLeague
U18 men and women — in DYUBL

MBA Women — 6th in Premier League, QF in Russian Cup, 1st Rd in EuroCup

Before European debut, the team underwent big transformation. The coaching staff was joined by Andrey Andrushchenko. Two players, Maria Toropova and Anastasia Loginova, took maternity leave, and Daria Prosolupova moved from Moscow to Rostov-on-Don. Instead, MBA bolstered the roster with Karina Nizamova, Alexandra Marchenkova, Polina Fedorova, and former MBA-2 player Nina Glonti.

MBA reached Russian Cup’s quarterfinal, where more experienced Nadezhda Orenburg showed their skill and advanced to Final Four.

The principal event of the season was MBA’s international debut. Fifth place in Premier League last spring qualified our team directly into EuroCup main draw.

First international game and first international win came on October 27, 2016. MBA beat PEAC-Pécs 73-69. Unfortunately, the return game with the same opponent ended with bigger difference, which gave the Hungarian team the tie-breaker. Indeed, both teams were tied in the final group standings, so even 3-3 record left MBA only third, out of next round. Still an impressive debut by Moscow team.

After losing five in a row to start a Premier League season (including devastating 60-61 home loss vs Nadezhda), MBA’s playoff looks seemed poor. But the girls proved that there was no impossible for them, and went 9-6 in the rest of regular season, finishing 6th.

The same result followed in the playoffs. 0-2 against powerful Nadezhda, 2-1 in classification playoff vs Dynamo Novosibirsk, and 0-2 vs Vologda-Chevakata in 5th-6th place series.

Even finishing one step lower compared to previous miraculous season, MBA did a good job finding their place in the elite division of women’s Russian championship.

MBA Men — 6th in SuperLeague, R16 in Russian Cup

The team passed one stage of Russian Cup thanks to beautiful 91-86 win over CSKA-2 in Round of 32. Round of 16 was tough as well, and the game at Novosibirsk also ended with 5-point difference. Though in favour of opponent this time.

SuperLeague I season saw some ups and downs by MBA, including powerful four-win streak in winter. However, the team didn’t make it to the playoffs, finishing 10th in regular season.

But the season format still left MBA some postseason aspirations. The RBF Cup, which included teams not qualified for playoffs or eliminated in the quarterfinals, saw two overtimes (1-1) and huge 24-point win over powerful Sakhalin, giving our team way fo Final Four.

That’s where another overtime happened — the Muscovites beat Ural 72-67 in the semifinal. The RBF Cup final and the 5th overall SuperLeague place went to Samara, while our team finished 6th and made another step up the rankings.

MBA-2 Women — 3rd in SuperLeague

Another renovation for the roster — and a good chance for mostly 18-year-old players to prove themselves against more mature opponents. MBA-2 finished the regular season with .500 record (18-18) and 5th rank.

The team went on to win another medals of the second-strongest national league. On their way to bronze our girls beat Samara in quarterfinals 2-1, lost to Dynamo-Farm Kursk 0-2 and beat Rostov-Don 2-1, making a big 80-61 splash in Game 3.


MBA U18 Men — 9th in YUBL

Basically it was a U17 team, one of the youngest in the tournament. MBA reached the Second Group Stage, a bit short of Final Eight, but went on to win all games in the consolation tournament (9th-14th places).


MBA U18 Women — 4th in DYUBL

For the first time in history, MBA didn’t make it to the podium of U18 Women’s national championship. The Final Eight was going very well to a certain point — which was loss to Sparta&K in the semifinal. Bronze medal game also was not ours this time — Dynamo Moscow earned the bronze honours.


2017-18 Season

2017-18 Season

The anniversary season saw five MBA teams:

Women's first team — in Premier League
Men’s first team — in SuperLeague
Women’s second team — in SuperLeague
U18 men and women — in DYUBL

MBA Women — 5th in Premier League, 2nd in Russian Cup, reached playoffs in EuroCup

The 5th season was celebrated by MBA’s first ever Russian Cup Final Four. Getting two handy wins over Stavropolchanka-SKFU and Rostov-Don-YFU (42 points cumulated difference!), our players wrote history by themselves.

Speaking of ‘first-ever’, MBA also reached the EuroCup playoffs. Finishing group stage with the same 3-3 record as a year ago, this time our girls advanced, eventually falling to Mersin SK of Turkey in Round of 24.

Last month of the year traditionally is time for Women’s Russian Cup Final Four. Not only was it busy month for MBA, but also a fruitful one. Semifinal win against Inventa Kursk secured the podium, though the next opponent from the same city — Dynamo Kursk — was too much to swallow. Historical second place for MBA and Team of the Tournament honours for Karina Nizamova.

In the closure of regular Premier League season, MBA was striving for 4th place — but fell to 7th after a loss to Kazanochka in season-closer.

That forced MBA to play Dynamo Kursk in the first playoff round (0-2), but after that our girls have again risen to the fifth place, winning classification series against Kazanochka (2-1) and Sparta&K (2-0).


MBA Men — first playoff appearance

SuperLeague autumn was rough for MBA: 3-8 to start the season.

In the Russian Cup our guys beat CSKA-2 in a single 1/16 final game, and then won the first leg of 1/8 final vs Samara, though losing the second by a bigger margin.

Clumsy start in SuperLeague was followed by 4-1 stretch, started with extraordinary overtime win on the road against Novosibirsk, 77-78.

The rest of the regular season became a thriller. MBA fought their way to the playoffs, though with couple of games to go it seemed impossible. Another memorable win over Novosibirsk along with Irkut losses made the Moscow team last-minute postseason participant.

Being last seed in the playoffs means you have to face the best team of the regular season (and most likely never stand a chance). So even one win in this situation could be sort of sensational. 1-3 in quarterfinals against Samara and another step forward in first playoff appearance.


MBA-2 Women — 5th in SuperLeague

Regular season was a rollercoaster for the new team (some leaders left, 15-17-year-olds filled in). With the main team maintaining firm positions in Premier League, MBA-2 was bound to provide playing time and experience, not only wins and medals — and sometimes it can’t be done both. 

Left out of medal race, though, the team got together, won all the games and rose to 5th place to sugar the pill of regular season.

MBA U18 Men in YUBL

First non-Final-Eight season caused big changes, and those included both coaching staff and roster.

9-1 in Preliminary Round made a strong case for new MBA U18 season. 

Semifinal Round saw another bunch of victories, including the 100-54 stunner vs Khimki.

Back to the Final Eight! The roster, though, was one of the youngest in the league — most of the players should still fit to U18 even a year later. Lokomotiv Kuban and Zenit were stronger in the group, so MBA was third and out of semifinals. Only to smash the consolation tournament and grab the 5th overall place.

MBA U18 Women — DYUBL champions

For the first time, the DYUBL team was joined by players of MBA-2 who still met the age criteria.

And the result followed immediately. Young Moscow girls went undefeated through all group stages.

The right to host Final Eight was granted by RBF to our club. All the contenders gathered in Timiryazevskaya Basketball School.

MBA continued to shine and dominate in the decicive matchups of the season, flourishing with two blowout wins in medal games (+19 vs Sparta&K and +24 vs Dynamo Kursk). Much awaited and deserved gold had finally arrived.


2018-19 season

2018-19 season

The sixth season saw seven teams playing in national tournaments, including 3x3.

Women's first team — in Premier League
Men’s first team — in SuperLeague
Women’s second team — in SuperLeague
U18 men and women — in DYUBL

3x3 teams — in Russian Championship

MBA Women — 4th in Premier League

MBA’s result in Russian Cup this season was quarterfinal. After 118-53 showdown with newcomer Chernye Medvedi, our team was stopped by eventual cup winner, UMMC Ekaterinburg, 74-99.

Again 50/50 in EuroCup group stage — and again a sport in the playoff bracket.

First knockout round against Botaş SK was extremely competitive. Both home and away games concluded with one-point difference in MBA’s favour. Round of 16 marked two games with one of the favourites, Uni Girona. MBA won first leg at home 71-69 but then fell on the road, 73-63, and lost to the eventual semifinalists by aggregate.

In the midseason the team was joined by Anastasia Logunova, who helped secure the win over Nadezhda and strengthen MBA’s playoff case.

MBA took 4th place in the regular season and, for the first time, home-court advantage — at least for the first round vs Inventa Kursk. 2-0 win sent the team to its first-ever national semifinals. Even with losing rest of the playoffs, MBA historically finished fourth.

MBA Men — 12th in SuperLeague (D-2)

Like in previous Cup season, the men’s team passed single-game 1/16 final and stopped at 1/8 final, overtaken by the same opponent — one of SuperLeague top teams Samara.

Fighting for top-8 spot all season, the team was in the race for a while — even with a slow start. Some losses against direct competitors, however, were critical to standings and put us to the 14th position.

MBA went 4-2 in classification games and finished the SuperLeague season at 12th overall place.

MBA-2 Women — 11th in SuperLeague

MBA second team was the youngest of all SuperLeague participants, with 19-year Yulia Kiseleva the only player born before 2000.

With six wins in the regular season and 1-3 record in classification (9th-11th) games, MBA finished 11th.

MBA U18 Men — 3rd in DYUBL

The youth went undefeated in group stages, one impressive win after another. The only significant loss came in the semifinal, 51-65 vs Lokomotiv Kuban. Nonetheless, MBA grabbed the bronze, beating CSKA-2 in the close 3rd place game, 74-72.

U18 Women — in DYUBL

The reigning champions looked safe and sound through group stages, having lost only once. But the Final Eight turned out the biggest drama, with 0-3 start and only one last win for 7th place overall.

MBA 3x3 teams

MBA-2 SuperLeague team fielded two 3x3 rosters for Russian Cup. Both of them reached quarterfinals.

After that, MBA 3x3 went international, reaching quarterfinal at the Minsk tournament, the test event before 2019 European Games.

The main event of the 3x3 season was the Russian Championship tour.

Women’s team ended up on podium in all three stops they took part in, including one win.

Out of two men’s stops, MBA reached two semifinals and one final.

In the Season Final in Perm, men’s MBA reached quarterfinal and showed some claws against one of the world’s best teams, Gagarin, 14-17.

Women’s MBA 3x3 went all the way to becoming first Russian Champions, having won every pool game, semifinal against COP-Petersburg (20-8) and final vs Matryoshki, the reigning Russian Cup holder (17-11).


2019-20 Season

Another expansion team, MBA-2 to debut in VTB Youth League, pushed the official number of MBA teams to record-setting eight.

MBA in men’s SuperLeague and women’s Premier League

MBA-2 in men’s VTB United Youth League and women’s SuperLeague

MBA-U18 in men’s and women’s tournament

MBA 3x3 in men’s and women’s tournaments

MBA Women — 6th in Premier League, R16 of EuroCup

Russian Cup repeated the history for MBA, who reached the quarterfinal after thrashing Samara 81-42. The further path was crossed by the eventual runner-up, UMMC Ekaterinburg.

The best EuroCup season for MBA started with 5-0 record at group stage (the only loss coming in a meaningless game) and straight qualification for Round of 16, bypassing the first playoff round.

Year 2020 brought no gifts to the team but the nightmare. EuroCup playoff exit from CCC Polkowice, Premier League losing streak and drop to 7th position were no New Year miracles at all.

Eventually MBA finished 6th in the regular season, which soon was claimed the official final standings upon the COVID-19 pandemic.


MBA Men — in SuperLeague

Early Cup exit for men’s team — after a tight loss to Metallurg, 80-82.

The men’s SuperLeague season was not officially concluded due to pandemic, MBA was 8th in standings when the games were suspended. The team showed confidence and quality basketball not only in the new home venue of Krylatskoe Sports Palace in Moscow, but in away games as well, having accumulated numerous road wins.

MBA-2 Women — in SuperLeague

The youngsters showed their character from the beginning, competing with Dynamo-Farm and vetted Kazanochka. One of the best moments came during the 5-1 homestand at the end of autumn. MBA-2 was 7th in standings when the tournament was suspended.

MBA-2 Men in Youth VTB League

A new unit in MBA program, which was devoted to bridge the gap between U18 and senior teams.

Again sticking to MBA tradition — being the youngest team in the court — our guys were equally successful on the road and at home. The 20-20 record in the unfinished season unofficially ranked MBA 8th.

MBA U18 Women — in YUBL

The team went through traditional renovation — from players who left the U18 category to 16-17-year-olds — and a surge to more opportunities for younger players rather than help from MBA-2.

Our girls won all the games in the first stage, went through the second and reached the Final Eight which had not been held.

MBA U18 Men in YUBL

Upon the season suspension, MBA-YUBL had been ranked 2nd. There was no Final Eight.

MBA 3x3 teams

In the Russian 3x3 Championship, the MBA men participated in two regular stops and then in the Final Stage, where they ranked highly at 4th place. Especially remarkable were playoff games vs Bionord in quarterfinal (21-17) and a tough matchup against vetted Tri Zvezdochki in the semifinal (20-21).

Only one champion player remained in the 3x3 women’s team — but the new roster proved to be no less confident and competitive. The girls reached finals in all four stops, winning three of them. The Finals, postponed from spring to autumn, were not so lucky for our team and ended early.


2020-21 Season

One of the best seasons in club’s history.

Seven teams played in Russian and international competitions:

MBA in men’s SuperLeague and women’s Premier League

MBA-2 in men’s VTB United Youth League and women’s SuperLeague

MBA-YUBL in men’s and women’s tournament

MBA 3x3 Women


MBA Women — 3rd in Premier League

Russian Cup started the official season and marked the new club record — 133 points scored in a game.

For the second time in history, MBA reached the Russian Cup podium, losing to Dynamo Moscow in the semifinal 50-64 and beating Sparta&K in bronze medal game, 86-68.

Slow start in Premier League (1-4) was forgotten quick enough as the team went to overwhelming 12-1 in the next 13 games. Two of the favourites — Nadezhda and Dynamo Kursk — were beaten along the way.

EuroCup group stage was played in a three-gameday bubble. Our team was 1-2 along with two opponents - but with no sufficient tie-breakers to qualify for playoffs.

History was still made as the women’s MBA team won first-ever elite league medals. Beating Dynamo Novosibirsk 2-0 in the quarterfinals, moving on to three-game (best-of-5) semifinal against Dynamo Kursk, and extremely close win, even though 3-0, in the bronze series vs Nika Syktyvkar led our girls straight to the medals — and to the books. For the first time in 20 years, Russian Championship has a team on the podium without a single foreign player.

MBA Men — 5th in SuperLeague

MBA jumped off to the races, winning 6 of 7 (including Cup games) to begin the season. The team reached Russian Cup quarterfinals, where had two close games (80-81, 61-64) with Vostok-65 Sakhalin.

In the SuperLeague regular season, our guys renewed team record, finishing 5th.

This was the second time MBA reached the quarterfinal playoffs. Three games, including overtime, were seized by Runa Moscow.

MBA-2 Women — 10th in SuperLeague

MBA finished SuperLeague’s regular season 10th, with a 9-17 record, and then retained the same position after second stage. In the playoffs, the first round went to Spartak St. Petersburg, the eventual bronze team.

MBA-2 Men in Youth VTB League

The youth group went up and down, undergoing coaching change during the season. After Sergey Zharmukhamedov was replaced with former U18 coach Dmitry Ovsiuk, the team finished the regular season with 10-4 stretch and reached 4th place.

In the Final Eight, MBA-2 suffered a tough one from Nizhny Novgorod-2 (61-65) which prevented qualification to semifinals. Overall, our team finished the postseason at sixth position.

U18 Women — National Champions

In her first season as head coach, Ekaterina Zakharova (Sytnyak) led the U18 team to the title. The only Final Eight loss came against UOR-3 Moscow Region, the same team that MBA played again in the championship game and avenging the previous matchup. 84-74 to win the national championship. 

Veronika Loginova and Anastasia Bocharova made the All-Tournament Team. 

MBA U18 Men in YUBL

Renewed team started the season with perfect 5-0 record in first group stage, but eventually didn’t qualify for the Final Eight and finishing 10th overall.

3x3 Women

Again — the youngest team in the tournament. This time MBA team consisted of U18 players.

Regular season was all good as Moscow girls won two stops (and had two more top 3 finishes). The Final Stage sent our team to 6th place with 1-2 group record.

2021-22 Season


Same seven teams, just like a year before:
MBA in men’s SuperLeague and women’s Premier League
MBA-2 in men’s VTB United Youth League and women’s SuperLeague
MBA-YUBL in men’s and women’s U18 leagues
MBA 3x3 in women’s tournaments

MBA Women — 3rd in Premier League, Russian Cup, Euroleague

Euroleague debut was the pillar of the season. MBA was the only team with 100 percent local roster. 

First Euroleague win came on Gameday 4, 65-62 against KSC Szekszárd.

Four wins in the regular season appeared to be insufficient for playoff qualification, but good enough for a top European competition debut.

Throughout the Russian Premier League season, MBA held their positions in the top four.

On March 13, 2022, came first-ever MBA’s win over UMMC Ekaterinburg.

Another historical game happened on January 16, 2022. On that day, MBA’s main team roster included seven players who went up through all the club system from U18 league. MBA snatched the W from Dynamo Novosibirsk by team captain Anna Leshkovtseva.

As a result, MBA finished the regular season 3rd, like a year ago.

In the First Round MBA beat Dynamo Novosibirsk handily, and went 1-2 in the Semifinals against Dynamo Kursk.

For the second year in a row, MBA faced Nika Syktyvkar in the bronze series. This is neither a movie nor a fairytale, but after being down 0-2 in best-of-5 series, our girls overturned the series and won three straight. Second bronze in two years!

MBA Men — 9th in SuperLeague

Best start ever for this team: 5-2 in SuperLeague plus Cup win against Barnaul on aggregate.

Unlucky enough, next Cup stage was the last, as two-legged matchup vs Novosibirsk was decided by one shot.

By the end of regular season MBA fell out of the playoff zone and finished 9th.

MBA-2 Women — 4th in SuperLeague

MBA-2 went sixth in the regular season, and yet again climbed higher in the playoffs. Two road wins over Vologda-Chevakata (2-1) secured the place in top four.

MBA-2 Men in Youth VTB League

Not only had our team won the regular season, it’s been awarded to host the Final Eight.

Nice 84-48 win over Parma-M in quarterfinal appeared to be the last. Later the team was short of win against Zenit-M, and had the narrowest miss at bronze with a loss to Khimki-2, 55-57. Though one win away from podium, MBA-2 still had an impressive season and stepped up from last year. 

U18 Women — National Champions

After super confident first group stage, the reigning champions moved on to some losses. Those included two to Sparta&K, who stayed undefeated.

Moscow and Vidnoye teams met again — in the Final Eight, to decide who would win a spot in the championship game.

In the semifinal, MBA delivered the biggest upset of the tournament — 83-78. And then, for the second time in a row, beat UOR-3 for the championship.

MBA became the fifth team in DYUBL history to defend the title.

MBA U18 Men in YUBL

Under new coach Alexey Savkov, the junior team reached the championship game for the first time in history, beating Lokomotiv-Kuban in the semifinals. Zenit-M eventually earned the golden honours.

3x3 Women

For starters, Anastasia Shchekoldina, Maria Sokolova, Svetlana Rozanova and Sofya Kuzilova won the U18 Russian Championship.

Then they went on for 6th place in Russian Cup.

In the national championship, the girls only played one weekend (two stops) — 5th and 3rd place.