MBA seemed to be the clear favorite before the game: "Dinamo" lost all of pre-seasons matches. But first quarter was held equally. Both teams scored a lot and MBA got little advantage, 24:20.

After two-minutes break MBA began to increase leadership. Good defence helped to do it: our team gave "Dinamo" a chance to score only 10 points per quarter.

 In the second half the question of the winner was no longer actual. MBA scored more than 20 points 3 quarters in a row and had "+26" before the last 10 minutes.

The only thing "Dinamo" was able to do is to win one local quarter. The home team made it: 21:19 in the 4th quarter, but 66:90 total. 


Anastasia Logunova (16 points, 6 rebounds), Tatyana Petrushina (15 points), Zhosselina Maiga (15 points), Marina Goldyreva (11 points), Karina Nizamova (8 points), Viktoria Cheren (6 points, 5 rebounds), Ekaterina Koshechkina (4 points), Ekaterina Evdokimova (4 points), Alena Kirillova (3 points).